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Product Review

February 26, 2017

Last month I was very lucky to talk personally with the owner of Hunt Seat Paper Co. She is an amazing businesswoman with a new business that is already doing incredible. She started her Instagram late November and a short three months later she already has over 3,000 followers. Watching her business grow from the beginning I was immediately a supporter. 

Never have I seen equestrian products with so much personality shining through. It’s pretty impressive to have such a fast growing business with such a positive attitude. I can only imagine the stress levels but whenever I have interacted with Amy Summer Ellison, owner of Hunt Seat Paper Co, I’ve had nothing but positivity. 

Her products range from Greeting Cards to Wrapping Paper, and I was beyond excited to get some of my own and to later review it and share her business with everyone else! 

Below are some of the products I received:

Greeting Cards





All greeting cards are only $4.99! These hilarious and clever cards would be paired really well with a bag of treats or an art print from Hunt Seat Paper Co! My favorite print is the Happy Birthday card, it really shows the true spirit of the equestrian community and how everyone feels. All these cards are either motivating or you can get a giggle out of them. Overall super impressed with these cards.

Gift Tags


I absolutely adore these $10 pack of ten gift tags! It adds equestrian personality to all gifts with a little humor mixed in. My favorite is the “Pony OMG” gift tags, we all we want a pony but sometimes you have to get something a little bit more low-key. 

Art Prints


I received the beautiful Hunt Life – Vintage Art Print and I’m in love. I am still deciding whether to hang it in my room or bring it to the barn to show off to everyone. The classic print fits in beautifully anywhere it goes, I am absolutely in love with it. Hunt Seat Paper Co also has many more incredible art prints like this one for only $16!

Wrapping Paper



To top it all off, I also received some super cute and high-quality wrapping paper. Being sold from $4.99-$13.99 these rolls of wrapping paper are what you need to top of your equestrian gifts! I was super pleased with how cute these were and I can’t wait to use them!

Overall I couldn’t have been more pleased with Hunt Seat Paper Co they are a hard working business who I have the upmost respect for, make sure to go check out their products. Definitely worth it!

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