Tack Trunk Essentials

I’m one of those who always has a card for every occasion. I keep a couple greeting cards in my car at all times, so if I find out it’s someone’s birthday I can be ready on the fly.

I’m a giver, so I always get exited for the opportunity to give a thoughtful gift or write a special note. I recently moved to a new barn, and what better way to get to know people than to leave them a thank you note after they help you get settled in. When the holidays came around, I bought a box of holiday cards and kept them in my tack trunk for when I ran into people. That’s when I realized…I totally need a barn supply.

When I made the HBD – My Bad card, I wanted something that could get me off the hook if I forgot to plan for someone’s birthday. I mean, every horse person understands being barn poor. That card is definitely a tack trunk essential…pull it out in a moment’s notice and still make your barn buddy feel special that you remembered their birthday.

My second tack truck essential is the Gift Horse gift tags. I always have a stash of horse cookies and peppermints for my boy, Regal Rowdy (a.k.a. the most spoiled horse in the barn)…so if there’s a special event at the barn, I can quickly package some of my horse treats with a pretty ribbon and the gift tag….because yes, it’s a gift for a human…but actually for their horse. Wins every time.

My third, and most favorite tack trunk essential is the Off Course card. We all have those days. A girl in your lesson took a “flying V” into the oxar in the 4:00 lesson, your neighbor’s horse jumped out of the dressage court during their test, you know…horse problems. Riders support each other and encourage us to get back on after we feel like giving up. So drive it home with a card. We all go off course sometimes, but tomorrow is another day, another course.

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