Equestrians like to win. We like to win classes, win the argument with our horses, and win at life in general. We’re a competitive bunch, and that’s what makes us so dedicated to our sport. It is love and passion, yes…but it’s also about setting a goal and training hard to make it happen.

Camaraderie is also a big part of our sport. We travel in packs, and form tight-nit barn families. We lift each other up, challenge each other with a little friendly competition, and cover for each other when someone can’t make that afternoon feeding. Our bond is strong…so celebrate it!

Barn friends are the best friends, so we made a collection of cards to celebrate that best barn bud, the champion, and that chick who always shows up to the barn looking on-point.

Let’s take a look at the best cards for saying “you rocked that” and letting your fellow equestrian know their killing the game.



Hunt Life Vintage

This one is a go-to. It works for any occasion, and looks awesome pinned to the inside lid of your tack trunk. It’s a card people will keep, so make your message one of encouragement, moving forward, and winning.

Way to go, champ

Winning isn’t easy, it takes lots of work and dedication. So when someone takes home that blue ribbon, it’s not just one day’s work, it’s months, years, or decades of training. Celebrate the win, and strive for continuing excellence.

High Point Squad

We all know that rider who consistently cleans up. Racking up points and taking home those big, colorful ribbons is just a day in the life of a die-hard equestrian on the High Point Squad. Whether it’s your first, or 100th…celebrate victory.




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